NETTLE & GORSE TEA (Urtica Dioica /Ulex Europaeus)



I love nettle for its earthy peppery taste. Besides making herbal brews with nettle, I use it in soups, stews, pesto and mashed potato. The seeds are great dried and toasted for any culinary use. Gorse has a lovely sweet almond scent and it is a wonderful combination with nettle.

What goes

Nettle tops & Gorse flowers, freshly picked

How it goes

Collect Nettle tops and Gorse flowers in the spring. Spring plants are vibrant and full of vital force at this time. Nettle and Gorse flowers also appear at other times during the year, especilly if its mild. If it is young growth it should be fine to harvest.

Harvest seperatley using obligatory gloves and dry seperately (different drying times).

Place the nettle & gorse flowers in brown paper bags with small pin prick holes. Place over an aga or in a warm place . Alternatively use a dehydrator.

Use a mix 70% nettle to 30% gorse flowers.

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